I am responsible in case of robbery or theft of the branded bicycle, paying the amount of 1250 euros. The bicycle is in good conditions of use and has been inspected and accepted by the same upon delivery.

In case of damage caused to the electric bike by misuse (example: painting the bike, applying stickers, accident, dropping the bike and causing some maintenance, punctured tire, etc.), it will be deducted from the deposit amount of 100 euros, if any. some maintenance to be done, make an appointment to have the bike checked, thus avoiding damage and damage to you and the bike.

If payment is late without prior notice, €3.00 will be added per day. If the arrears are not paid the following week, the bike must be delivered back.

When delivering the bike, notify seven days in advance, so that the deposit is returned in full.

I assume the rental commitment and agree with all the above mentioned items and pay euros per week. I promise to pay every Wednesday.

I have read and accept all items mentioned above and submit the agreement form below

Seven E Bikes Dublin